Generate secured download links on the fly in Nginx

I created a module which can be used to generate secure download links directly in the Nginx. Those links can then be verified by the NginxHttpSecureDownload module.
I call the new module NginxHttpGenerateSecureDownloadLinks and it is supposed to _only_ be used over the Nginx SSI module. This works as in the following example:
37         location / {
 38             ssi on;
 39             root   html;
 40         }
 42        location /gen_sec_link {
 43             internal;
 44             rewrite /gen_sec_link(.*)$ $1 break;
 45             generate_secure_download_link_expiration_time 3600;
 46             generate_secure_download_link_secret $remote_addr;
 47             generate_secure_download_link_url $uri;
 48             generate_secure_download_link on;
 49         }
If you now access for example /test.html and the output should contain any secured download links, then test.html should contain SSI tags like in this example:

If you payed attention you might already be expecting that those ssi tags are getting replaced by secured links, the html output will look like this:
<a href="http://www.blogger.com/this_is_my_link/509325bc5fac6e4e42687fe096d67a9d/4C4EC7C3">this_is_my_link</a>
some text abc
<a href="http://somewhateverhost.com/this_is_another_link/badbcb4d20500cca464c609da41001b2/4C4EC7C3">this_is_another_link</a>
more text
I will give you the link to the module here. But please keep in mind that i uploaded this today and its NOT tested well, i'm glad about feedback tough.